Moving matters needing attention

    1.  empty-handed into the House moving on that day, when I walked in for the first time, must get some valuable things in hand. Holding a rice barrel, passbook, or equipped with 138 Yuan (life) red envelope, which is the first of a new House, can not go empty-handed. Said the home in the future will be very full, wealth more and more meaning. &Nbsp;2.  into a House not built before construction didn't move, you can try to cubicles, hammering, somewhere to do all you can. Once after you move in and try to stop building construction. Moving things. If you want to do, be sure to date. &Nbsp;3.  must have the pregnant woman does not move to move, you can ask pregnant women to stay home for a while back, after moving into the new House. Pregnant women not to take part in the whole process of moving as much as possible. &Nbsp;4.  to select an auspicious day and time must be selected not later than noon of the day, day on the lunar calendar which day should be into the House move, be careful not to rush gram to the position, is home to members of the zodiac. Moving to the duration in the forenoon, noon called Yang, after noon is called yin. In Yang's move as far as possible.

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