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Tianjin customs move to introduce moved, moving is the leading business community, because of work, traffic flow moving must be no less, so moving some of the popular customs followed, such as when you move should pay special attention to matters (speak the language, behavior, etc)

1. moving day as saying some auspicious words.  

2. move family is not available on the day in tears, not anger, not scolding children.  

3. move not greeting someone.  

4. night advisable to make some sweet dumplings, dessert, the whole family eat together, family reunions, sweet meaning.  

5. move to prevent "child God". when pregnant women at home, try not to move.

6. moving day is not NAP or napping at a new House, or vulnerable in the future.  

7. move that night, before I go to sleep, you should lie down for about five minutes, then got up again, saying that "stay still have to get up" (normal child sleeping bed, lie down, get up, not directly to sleep, "lie down"), or vulnerable in the future.  

8. moving day, desirable new home cook in boiling water and blowing fans at home the Quartet in order to "wind".  

  the Customs there are a lot of moving, such as pregnant women to leave the old House and old house every move a, use a "new broom" scan a scan, so you can avoid moving to "child God". ("Almanac" are has records daily "tire God" by accounted for of location, can see "tire God daily by accounted for wandering foregone conclusion")   four, conclusion for should kick, different moving, increasingly frequently of modern business social, people migration (moved) of needed, finishing "migration (moved) into House choosing an auspicious day" of related information, hope on prepared migration who has help, are can bixiongquji, family peace .    (a) migration (moved) of days not and family of "Zodiac" and the " Sun pillar "(lunar calendar birthday of the" heavenly stems and earthly branches "), rush, especially bogey and the owner of" post "square punch. (Meridian Chong, ugly is not rushed, Yin Shen Chong, passage Chong, Chen Xu Chong, Hai Chong. Yin Shen XING, ugly movement is not punishment, d penalty, Chen Chen, l l, unitary unitary, Hai Hai penalty.)   (Ii) migration (moved) as selection "water day" for better, less with "fire day" .  (three) new House sat to: towards East who bogey in has, unitary, ugly (three alloy) days moved; towards West who bogey in Hai, d, not (triad wood) days moved; towards South who bogey in Shen, child, e (triad water) days moved; sat North who bogey in c, afternoon, Xu (triad fire) days moved .  (four) owner of "day column" (lunar birthday of "Zodiac supported") for Yang Gan (as methyl, c, e , G, ren) who, should be selected "Yin Shi" (as: ugly, d, has, not, unitary, haishi moved for JI; for shade (as: b, d, has been, Xin, GUI) who, should be selected Yang Shi (as: child, c, e, afternoon,  Shen, all courtiers are invited moved for JI .  (five) to note "gang four killed": owner of "day column" supported for Shen, child, e life who, bogey with not day weishi; " Column "supported for c, l, Xu lives, avoid ugly choushi;" Column "earthly-Hai, Mao, not life, avoid using day all courtiers are invited;" Daily column "the earthly branches, unitary,  ugly fate, Chen Chen Shi jiyong.  

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