Calculating moving costs based on the floor height

If living and goals he has belong to the first floor of the building or bungalows, is not the cost of floor area.

     If living and target more than live in the second floor of the building (second floor) or in the basement, charging time two conditions: If the building has a lift to move to use, you do not recycle fee for floor if no elevator, pressing each floor recycle relocation costs 10 Yuan.

  moved to what intervals and costs

  move and take a taxi, as is the reference interval and timeout interval increases. Three basic types of status:

 , traffic interval. This interval is the interval between the original living to move to the target. Reference interval is 15 km, if it does not exceed does not cost extra. Over 15 km, average charge 5 Yuan per kilometer.

Second, manual handling of the interval. This refers to the interval between floor parking. Distance handling for Porter is very hard, so have to charge fees. Reference intervals the ordinary is 10 meters, 10 meters without charge. Beyond 10 meters, plus 1 handling fee per metre. Generally speaking, if vehicles can park in front of the handling interval is not beyond 10 meters, there will be no fee increases.

  c, remote handling. Remote handling is added to the vehicle's running interval and relocation of work and will cost extra. Its specification is every going to one place, charge 50 Yuan.

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