When moving articles should be how to package classification

1, move the refrigerator to plug the day before, the defrost water, moving to a new house in position, please place 30 minutes after power on again

2, quilt binding States to protect on the screen of the TV; then tie tape the TV fixed.

3, and computer put you of all document are deposit floppy disk or compression file, with computer dedicated of box and protection material loaded good, to note away from TV, and audio and other some may produced magnetic field of electrical; if no, to with bubble block loaded good and into carton in (like poly stupid vinyl foam plastic, and blanket, and crease of paper,), in outside indicate computer. Printer with original box packed, and pallets palette removed from laser or inkjet printer, then insert needle with a piece of paper inside the printer platen.

4 lamp, lighting equipment to be boxed and put some newspaper around the lamps in their fixed; no closed-box, enable the bearer to see after installing how microwave ovens, the oven, cut a hole so people can see the items in the food.   Items such as audio with a towel wrapped boxes to protect fixed with adhesive tape magazine, host.

5, bedside cabinets remove remove screw parts sealed in plastic bag, double sided carpet tape on the headboard down so as not to lose. Table made from thick paper four angle fixed with adhesive tape to protect the table, wrapped with cords of the tabletop to prevent damage.

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