Details of the move, the company should pay attention to

find moving companies when moving company carefully there are clear-cut differences. For example, some companies only focus on disassembly and Assembly floors height, so on conventional issues. While some companies are concerned about the home for any valuables, household appliances, such as the size of the details, and to quote. One industry source said these details very easily lead to disputes. "The current moving companies is uneven and quotation system is chaotic. Some companies offer is very low on the surface, but often in the Assembly and disassembly of furniture, vehicle access roads, the size of the furniture also set prices. ”

a few days ago, Ms Chan met more depressing thing. Clearly say is 120, but when Bill found on the Bill and more than 60 Yuan. "TV and 10 Yuan, a simple disassembly and Assembly of the bed a bit 20, refrigerators, they have more money, a car fit must raise money. Those costs did not expect in advance. "" In General, the move cost is constituted by basic costs, floor, distance costs. "Said the head of a household moving company in Hangzhou. For example, a domestic company, moving the basic cost 120 Yuan, less than 5 km away for free. Floors 10 Yuan for each layer. Dismantle air conditioners, separate, split 60, single load is 70 Yuan. If the car can not stop under the danyuanlou, plus 10 Yuan every 20 m. "If these details are clear, the dispute could have been avoided. ”


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